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Recruit Smarter. Hire Hidden Talent.

Find your next great hire in minutes.

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85% of your candidates are hidden.
We found them.

Are you looking to attract qualified candidates in engineering, sales, marketing or customer service? Wenn engineered a solution for the talent too busy to search job boards.

Attract and engage passive candidates

Engage with the best talent

Hire right the first time

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Unleash candidate potential beyond the skills.

Experience and skills are important but they don't always reveal a person's true potential for success. With Wenn, you get the skills, experiences, preferences and aspirations for each candidate before interviewing.

Increase recruiting efficiency

Unlock a candidate's true potential

Build your future workforce pipeline

Find Your Next...

Mobile Developer
Software Engineer
Customer Service Rep
Graphic Designer
Web Developer
Account Executive
Sales Manager


Goodbye Ghosting

Eliminate ghosting and
increase quality applicants.
Wenn videos engage candidates with insight on hiring managers
and the team before applying or even interviewing.

Find the Perfect Fit

Empower candidates to find a role they will be successful in and enjoy. Double layer matchmaking increases the right fit for company and candidate.

Save Time & Effort

Increase recruiting efficiency and put time back into the candidate experience by fostering a great relationship that will last years to come!

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Don't miss out on the perfect hire—contact us today and start recruiting better, faster, and cheaper.