Goodbye Job Boards

Job boards have been around since Hasselhoff was patrolling the beaches of Baywatch. Just like he had to move on, we're now putting job boards out to pasture...this is the next evolution of job searchin

Hello Wenn

A platform that gives jobseekers and companies a three-dimensional view of each other, instead of just a resume or job description.

Company profiles showcase the company, culture and benefits. You know what you can do, now find the company you want to do it for.

Apply for current positions or future openings. Let companies know what you're looking for and be notified when they're ready to interview.

Search by40+ criteria including employer type and benefits. No more endless scrolling on job boards, everything you see is relevant to you.

Only 20% of people love their job. We're on a mission to change that.

Build Your Dream Team

Our platform was designed by strategic HR Business Partners to provide every company, no matter the size, the ability to attract the right talent.

What really matters to us:

Increase brand awareness and candidate engagement

Proactively source talent

Reduce time-to-fill & cost-per-hire

Lower turnover


  • Creative/Marketing
  • Finance
  • Technology

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A New and More Human Approach

The first and only people-driven recruiting platform based on values, benefits, culture, and inclusivity

Hiring that works

Showcase your company and attract the right talent.

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Why Wenn?

Don't judge a book by its cover, a person's resume says much about them as your job post says about your company, not much. Our platform turns resumes into people and companies into teams. It's not just about hiring talent, it's about hiring the right talent.

The Recruitment Marketing Platform

Large or small, Wenn makes it easy.

01. Save time

We provide a set of tools that decrease time-to-fill, cost-per-hire, and turnover while improving candidate experience and employee engagement.

02. Match

Our algorithm utilizes both thick data and big data to provide a genuine matchmaking process unlike any other.

03. Stand out

Unlike traditional job boards, we put your company front-and-center so you have the candidate's undivided attention.