Accelerate Your Growth

Expert HR Management Meets Innovative Talent Acquisition

Your Partner in Navigating
Talent Acquisition

As certified HR Management professionals, we deeply engage with our clients, immersing ourselves in their culture, mission, and vision for growth. This allows us to identify candidates who not only possess the right technical skills, but who also align with the company’s ethos, ensuring a perfect cultural fit. Our approach isn't just about filling a position; it's about fostering long-term growth and mutual success. Our efficiency is reflected in our impressive 3-week time-to-hire rate, coupled with a remarkable 98% client satisfaction rating, making us a trusted partner in building your team with the right talent that thrives and grows with your organization.

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Engineer Your Success

Discover top-tier developers, innovative software engineers, and cutting-edge data scientists who form the backbone of any tech venture. Our candidates are not just skilled in technology; they're architects of the digital future, ready to propel your products and services to the forefront of the industry.

business & strategy
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Strategize to Monetize

Elevate your business with visionary strategists, dynamic marketers, and astute business developers. These roles are the key to unlocking market potential, forging valuable partnerships, and driving sustainable growth. Let us connect you with professionals who don't just understand the market – they help you redefine it.

operational & support
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Operational Excellence

Build a robust foundation with our handpicked HR specialists, financial wizards, and administrative maestros. These professionals keep the gears of your startup turning smoothly, ensuring that your visionary ideas are supported by a solid operational structure. They're not just support staff; they're the cornerstone of your day-to-day triumphs.

Why Wenn?

We're more than recruiters; we're your strategic talent acquisition partners. Our expertise is not just in finding talent, but in understanding the unique dynamics of fast-growing companies. From the first developer to your C-suite leaders, each hire is a pivotal piece in your growth puzzle. We bring you candidates who are not only technically proficient but are the right cultural fit for your rapidly evolving environment.

Solutions for VC-Funded
Tech Companies

Catalyzing growth in VC-funded tech startups demands more than talent; it requires individuals who embody agility and an entrepreneurial spirit, thriving in a landscape of constant evolution. Our expertise lies in pinpointing these dynamic professionals, ensuring your rapid scale-up is matched with the right blend of skill and adaptability.

rapid scaling
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Navigating the Scale-Up Surge

Transition smoothly from startup to scale-up with our tailored talent solutions. We understand the urgency and intricacies of scaling at speed. Partner with us to seamlessly grow your team with individuals who not only match your technical needs but also embrace and propel your evolving company culture.

adaptable talent acquisition
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Cultivating Agile Minds

In the fast-paced startup world, adaptability is key. Our expertise lies in connecting you with professionals who are not just adept in their technical fields but are also agile innovators, ready to pivot with your company’s changing needs and drive forward-thinking solutions.

maintaining innovation in growth
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Sustaining the Innovative Spirit

As you grow, preserving your startup’s innovative essence is crucial. We help you find dynamic individuals who bring not just skills, but also a passion for innovation and creativity. Together, let’s build a team that continues to challenge the status quo, keeping your startup at the cutting edge of technology.

Empower Your Growth with Expert Recruiting.

In the fast-paced world of tech startups, every hiring decision is crucial. Your journey from early-stage to industry leader hinges on the strength of your team. Partnering with offers more than just recruitment; it’s an investment in the future of your business. With our deep understanding of the tech landscape and a personalized approach to HR management, we don’t just fill roles – we help you build the core team that will drive your vision forward.


Michael Wenning